Casitas can serve a number of different purposes depending on your needs and budget. Casitas can be as complex as a fully functional home with all the amenities and facilities you would expect, or as simple as a detached spare room for added privacy if you have frequent overnight guests, or anything in-between. Casitas can also serve very a specific function, such as a studio for art or music, a pool house and shower, a personal gym, home office, or entertainment center.
Dexon Construction specializes in casitas and detached structures, many of which can be like building a miniature custom home from the ground up, requiring a little bit of everything from all areas of the construction industry. As one of our most commonly requested projects, our team is well versed in the process from start to finish. Once we know your needs, we will present a very clear timeline for each phase of your specific project so you know up front all your options, expenses for each phase and the timeframe to completion.

Dexon prides itself in providing the highest quality craftsmanship on budget and on schedule.


Custom Plans
Structure Matching
Laying Foundation
Roofing Tile or Shingle
Stucco or Siding
Fitting gas lines
Plumbing installation
Electrical installation
Marble, Stone, Tile, Wood Flooring
Window and door installation
Over head air vent installation
Shower and bath installation
Appliance and unit fitting
Cabinet installation
Countertop installation
Painting & Decor

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